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At Zen Dean Healing Studio, we specialize in working with stress, tension, chronic pain, posture corrections, muscle and ligament injuries.

Our team prides itself on

...meeting our client’s needs to transform their body, mind, and soul,not just giving a massage but connecting on a deeper level to understand how a specific person's body functions to get to the root cause and get results. To achieve this, we have taken extensive continuing ed training. We love adding the use of CPTG essential oils, locally made organic products, and a variation of massage tools to make the experience more effective and enjoyable. We spend one on one time creating a regimen tailored for solution-based client care and encourage clients to practice self-care to develop a regimen tailored for solution-based client care.

RELAXATION: At Zen Den Healing Studio, we offer relaxation massages. This style of massage uses Swedish massage technique that relaxes the entire body while the therapist uses light to firm pressure to melt your stress away. This type of massage helps increase oxygen in the blood, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve blood circulation.

Prices starting @ $60.00 | Offered in 60 or 90 min sessions.

THERAPEUTIC: One of our client’s most popular massage choices is Therapeutic. This style focuses on blending the relaxation massage with deep tissue and medical massage techniques. The goal of the Therapeutic Style is to Zen out while focusing on relief in areas of the body suffering from acute pain, muscle strain, and tension.

Prices starting @ $60.00 | Offered in 60 or 90 min sessions.

MEDICAL MASSAGE: We offer medical massages to look at the body as a whole and how it functions to pinpoint specific issues and get to the root cause. Medical massage therapy is a multimodality approach to relieving muscular and soft tissue pain, posture imbalance due to dysfunction and injuries. Advanced manual therapy techniques include, but are not limited to, myofascial release, deep tissue massage, neuromuscular therapy, positional release, orthopedic modalities, therapeutic stretching, and structural integration. This approach proves to be far more powerful and effective. Focusing on increasing blood circulation, minimizing pain, strengthening muscles weakened due to injury, realign damaged and dislocated tissues, reducing tension in sprained/injured tissues, enhancing overall sports performance are some of the benefits of this approach. Whether a condition is chronic or acute medical massage can significantly benefit clients who suffer from various ailments.

Prices starting @ $60.00 | 1st session is always 90 mins, after that you can book 30, 60, or 90 mins sessions.

HOT STONE PLUS MASSAGE: Using heated stones and bamboo sticks to help melt away the knots and tension while relaxing tight muscles for a more exquisite massage. Alternating Relaxation and Deep Tissue massage techniques with stone/bamboo placement patterns to enhance the overall effect of the massage.

Prices starting @ $120.00 | Offered in 90 min sessions. Not valid with new client specials.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE: Swedish massage techniques are used while in the Side-lying position so the mom to be can be comfortable and enjoy the benefits of a massage without lying on her stomach. Helps to reduce low back pain and hip discomfort, achy feet, Increases blood flow, decreases swelling, decreases stress and anxiety from pregnancy.

Prices starting @ $60.00 | Offered in 60 or 90 min sessions.

ENHANCE ATHLETIC THERAPY - A combination of both therapeutic and deep tissue techniques are used along with stretching to make this massage great for athletes of all kinds. The particulars are specified to the athlete’s sport of choice, focusing on the overused and stressed areas of the body.Helps to decrease tension and pain, increase blood flow, flexibility and range of motion. Great for pre-event preparation and post-event recovery. Helps to decrease tension, pain and healing time of an injury.

Prices starting @ $60.00 | Offered in 60 or 90 min sessions.

Yes, it can & we will help get that set up for you.

We do not bill insurance directly but can help guide you for potential insurance reimbursement.

Possibly, our Medical Massage Practitioner will help guide you for the best fit between option of a prescription, recommendation or HSA coverage

You do stay fully clothed for this type of therapy, wear workout clothes to your session because there will be movement and participation on the clients behalf as well.

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