Discover the World of Holistic Healing

Relaxation Massage

Zen out and let all your stress, tension, and worries dissipate.

Therapeutic Massage

Focused on blending relaxation with deep tissue and medical massage techniques.

Medical Massages

Our approach to relieve muscular and soft tissue pain.

Float Therapy

Relax, heal and detox your body through sensory deprivation and chromotherapy.

Infrared Sauna

Increases blood flow to the muscles, assists in weight loss, increases circulation, decreases inflammation and helps with detoxification and anti-aging.

Energy Healing

Bring balance to your life.

Meditation Dens

Step out of your day and into Zen - create your own customized meditation experience in one of our private dens.


Zen Den features community-style workshops/ classes/events to have like-minded people support one another through this journey and experts to help guide you along the way.

About Meditation

In today’s society, it’s hard to slow down and take time for yourself. Our mind is always wandering in so many directions. Meditation offers many benefits. Meditation is the process of training the mind to promote relaxation, mental clarity, and emotional calmness. We train your mind to focus attention. Through meditation, you will teach your body to focus its attention on the present state. The benefits of meditation include less stress, better mental health, and more!

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Happy Clients

Medical Massage Practitioners

Training & Members of the American Massage Therapy Association

Benefits of Massage

At Zen Den Healing Studio, we offer a wide variety of massages from our licensed massage therapists. We offer medical, hot stone plus, pregnancy, athletic, deep tissue, relaxation, and therapeutic massages. Massages have proven to have a long list of benefits to improve your health. Some of the better-known benefits of massages are reduced anxiety and stress, better focus, and helping with muscular pain, tension, and helping to improve range of motion. Massages have even more benefits that aren’t as well-known such as, improved blood circulation, opening the spine, detoxification, and improved emotional balance.

What My Clients Say about Us

“Friendly, knowledgeable staff that were all very helpful getting me set up to experience my first infrared sauna. I will definitely go back.”


“I was having this pain in my back and she worked specifically on that side and down my leg. I don’t even feel any pain anymore. Staff is professional and great!”


Kylie was awesome! Very calming and pleasant The whole experience was so relaxing I wanted to stay & take a nap when it was over!”

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